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The main benefit of emails in business is that it allows a quick and easy form of communication. Overall though a company wants to make sure that the emails are used for legitimate reasons only. If the email usage is taken advantage of then it will cause just as much time as it saves. A major benefit of using instant messaging at a business is right in the name, it is instant. An employee can message important information without any wait. The drawback is that instant messaging can be taken advantage of easily. Employees can get side tracked with conversations that do not apply to work. If this happens then it will be a continuous break going on all day. The benefits are there to be
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Unformatted text preview: taken advantage of, but the company has to always be aware of the ability for it to be harmful as well. I truly believe that the managers of a company almost certainly must monitor the usage of email and instant messaging by their employees. The monitoring of these two tools should be on a trust level. Once an employee has shown that he/she can be trusted to use the tools appropriately then he or she should not be monitored as much, but everyone should to ensure the work is being done correctly....
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