Week 4 Day 7 - Dirt Bike Recommendations Running head: DIRT...

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Dirt Bike Recommendations 1 Running head: DIRT BIKE RECOMMENDATIONS Dirt Bike Recommendations Dustin Robison University of Phoenix
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Dirt Bike Recommendations Today’s business is one that is always looking for the ability to better itself. With this in mind there are many technological tools that are ready for companies to use. The use of information systems to help connect the different departments of the company will provide data on demand much easier. Plus because of this ease, the information systems will cause the employees to have more time to accomplish more work. Production will go up with little cost. Also the use of networks is a tool that many companies today are finding is almost a complete necessity. This allows multiple stations to be connected to the same network. Allowing companies and their employees to stay connected. Plus a company’s customers can log on to this network to check on orders, which gives peace of mind to the customer. Many different business have excepted the fact that mobile computers such as laptops, smartphones, and PDAs are everywhere in today’s world. With this being said many business have started to provide wireless internet connections, or WiFi, to it’s employees. This allows the employees the ability to surf the web, and complete work on their mobile devices. Intranet tools are out there, it is just up to the company to take advantage of the situation. Using a network today will benefit companies far more than one could even expect. Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, and Production are just a few of the departments that would receive immediate benefits from the use of networks. “Now a days Internet is everywhere,
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Week 4 Day 7 - Dirt Bike Recommendations Running head: DIRT...

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