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Enterprise systems are data systems used by businesses to unify information from different departments into one single system. Effectively using enterprise systems will allow a company to have its employees access information from the different departments throughout the organization easily, without having to spend hours searching for the necessary data. Structuring the system appropriately will enable a certain department, such as shipping and receiving, to search the enterprise system to see if the booking department has made any new accounts or orders that are ready to be processed. This will give them the ability to accurately plan how much of the supplies are going to be needed to effectively fill the orders
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Unformatted text preview: that have been placed. Also they will know what all has been ordered to come into the company, so S&R will know what all to expect, and know the amount of storage that will be necessary. The main issue with the use of an enterprise system is that the company must enforce regulations for the input of data. If the departments are not all doing their part to input the data correctly then the enterprise system will be useless. Also the data has to have a certain format style, so that all the departments will be able to understand the data easily....
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