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The main different catagories of e-commerce are Ubiquity, Global Reach, and Interactivity. Ubiquity is where internet access is available everywhere work, home, or anywhere else the consumer wish to purchase online. Global Reach is just what it implies, Global. It is intended for consumers across the globe. Interactivity is very important, because it give intercommunication exchange between the seller and the purchaser. This is very important in a commerce where the consumer can not actually see the product that is being purchased. It gives a level of confidence to be able to email or IM questions directly to the seller or to the online store. There are very
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Unformatted text preview: many different transaction types. A consumer can go to Amazon.com or Ebay.com and find almost anything that is needed. Or the user can pay to use a certain social network. Either way the consumer is purchasing something via the internet and needs to feel comfortable with the transaction. I am a huge Ebay.com freak. I use it almost every day. Business to business is helped by being able to ship to each other quicker due to being able to accept the orders more quickly. This helps products move around the country, and globe, at a much quicker pace....
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