Week 8 Day5 - The problem, for Dorfman Pacific, is that the...

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The problem, for Dorfman Pacific, is that the demand for the products that the company supplies has grown faster than the organization had originally planned. One alternate solution to the problem of all the employees having their own techniques, to the way they handle the item pulling process, is to implement a structured set of rules and regulations that all employees must go by in order to work for this company. Also the company needs to set up a security department, within the organization. The best solution to the situation, that I would advice, the corporation to install into their business, would be to set up a plain and simple to understand set of rules and guidelines for all the employees to follow. By implementing this problem solving solution, the company can be 100% sure that all of its employees are on the same page. This is a wonderful way to save time and money, because the employees will not be wasting time trying to figure out another worker’s method. By saving the amount of wasted time, the workers will be able to accomplish more work on a daily basis. This will increase the productivity of the business’s production. The company achieved a huge achievement by installing a new and advanced wireless networking system. By doing this the company eliminated the paper method of documenting each individual shipment, from department to department. I would want the chance to begin implementing my proposed method for improving the business production of Dorfman Pacific. The first thing that would have to be done, would be the hiring of a consultant to being the development of the rules and regulations that would
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Week 8 Day5 - The problem, for Dorfman Pacific, is that the...

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