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Assignment: Water Resource Plan Depletion of the Floridian Aquifer in Southwest Florida The Floridian Aquifer in Southwest Florida is the source of potable water, irrigation for citrus and other agricultural products as well as the source of a multitude of springs and rivers that provide essential habitats and recreational opportunities. This aquifer is also used by large phosphate mining operations. Long-term aquifer declines began when the southwest portion of Florida began to be developed. The result of the aquifer declines was a reduction of flows in the Peace River, the lowering of lake levels in the Lake Wales Ridge area, springs ceased to flow, and saltwater intrusion accelerated. Management of this resource became critical as drought conditions further complicated a dire situation. From the crisis, the Southwest Florida Water Management District developed the Southern Water Use Caution Area (SWUCA) and the SWUCA Recovery Plan. Only time will tell if the recovery plan can restore the Florida Aquifer. In 1975, the center of the aquifer level declines was in an area dominated by phosphate mining. The mining operations then began to practice conservation measures that drastically reduced their dependence on the Floridian Aquifer (SWFWMD, 2006). At the same time that demands on the aquifer were being reduced by the phosphate industry, an increase in demand was being felt due to large scale agricultural endeavors. In addition to the irrigation needed to sustain crops during the dry season in Florida, large quantities of water are often pumped in the winter months as freeze protection when the temperatures dip too low. With the agricultural demands, the center of the declines just shifted to the agricultural areas. In the 1970s, St. Petersburg and Pinellas County was experiencing an explosion in
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Untitled 1 - Assignment: Water Resource Plan Depletion of...

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