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The wind power even not so strong and just barely enough to turn windmills and wind turbines is a good source of renewable energy. The natural solar power which about 75 % of the population is in favour of, is a rising technology which can provide solar electricity. The solar cell is hoped to supply energy to run home motors in the near future. The solar concentrator can collect narrow beams of energy from the sun which then becomes capable of powering motors. The use and management of the wind and solar energy sources have some challenges to beat. Some citizens feel that wind power is not highly reliable thus proving it as a viable energy source still needs lots of struggle. With the solar power, every individual may freely initiate using it but to make a significant difference, its must be used in a larger scale. An appropriate space such as yard is required to set up the facilities to make use of solar energy,
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Unformatted text preview: and these may not always be available. Another important non-renewable energy not mentioned in the video is the hydropower. Different bodies of flowing water are all that are needed to make use of this power. For some countries, hydropower had been a significant source of energy providing electricity. The struggles of implementing the use of renewable energy are aimed at decreasing the use of fossil fuels which are non-renewable energy resources like coal, oil, and natural gas. The use of fossil fuels can produce substantial harm to the population and the community caused by its carbon dioxide emission. The low cost of these resources actually does not guarantee infinite supply as replenishing these non-renewable resources can take centuries or even longer and replacing these resources are not fast as what one might think. At a certain point of time, it is highly possible for any of these to run out....
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