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Overfishing the oceans and seas of the world is at a critical level and we as a society need to come together before it is too late. We are quickly depleting the waters of fish that are important to the ocean and if something is not done some species will become extinct. We as humans have to take into consideration the way we are treating our water resources so that we can ensure the continued enjoyment for future generations. The waters are being overfished and then depleted of some types of fish. This is why we need to have restrictions in place and only allow the fisheries and their respective corporations and businesses certain times and places to fish these waters. We also need to set strict disciplinary actions and fines to ensure these rules are not violated. This will in turn show that we mean business and will generate revenue to make up for the cost incurred for military or law enforcement to better serve as a controlled action to enforce these rules. There needs to be a strict schedule set to allow the fisheries the ability to do business and profit
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