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homework capstone - What I would have done differently in...

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Write a 200- to 300-word response to the following questions: o Now that you have finished your research paper, what advice would you provide for students starting this course? o What would you do differently if you were just starting the course? On what would you focus more? On what would you focus less? Explain your answers. Now that I have finished my research paper the advice I would give to students starting this course would be to pick a topic that is easy to research for one and utilize all tools provided by axia and the center for writing excellence. Everything is already laid out as far as research sources, APA format, citing sources, and how to write successfully. All you have to do is pick a topic and what sources you think best apply to your research.
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Unformatted text preview: What I would have done differently in this course is I would have stayed ahead on assignments, posts, and quizzes and payed more attention to dates and attendance. I probably would have tried to participate with online disscussions and chats more. Just to get a better feel for who I was working alongside and take away a better experience from the class overall. Instead of a rushing to make up work experience. I would focus more on disscution and participation in the class while staying ahead. I wouldn't focus less on anything becase I neede to focus more in everything. I was much to rushed because of outside influences and events. I found myself always trying to catch up to make the grade. I will probably end up retaking this class in the future....
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