Conservation and Preservation Checkpoint

Conservation and Preservation Checkpoint - Conservation and...

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Conservation and preservation has two very different purposes. The aim of conservation is to prevent the waste of natural resources; allowing humans to take from nature what they need while maintaining a quality environment for future generations to enjoy. Conservation ensures that renewable resources are not consumed faster than they can be regenerated. Preservation is maintaining things in their natural state without; untouched, unused and undeveloped. National forests should be left in their original state in which their resources are not used to benefit human beings. Even if humans aimed to use these resources in these environments in environmentally safe ways, they are still threatening the existence of organisms within that ecosystem. According to the video, critics of preservation argue that the industrializing Bridger Teton national forest threatens the existence of the wild and free-ranging bison herds; the last great wildlife herds in America’s northern Rockies. Currently human beings have managed to live without interfering with the resources in these
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