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com220_appendix_g - Where is the writing unclear or vague...

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Axia College Material Appendix G Peer Review Checklist * What is the main point of this paper? Technological advancements detrimental effect on society. What is the greatest strength of this paper? Inventors and inventions What material does not seem to fit the main point of the paper or does not seem to be appropriate for the audience? The lack of description in regards to inventors and their inventions Has the author sufficiently addressed counterarguments? Explain your answer. There is not enough counterargument to keep the reader thinking about what there reading Where should the author add more details or examples? Explain your answer. Give more detail in regards to the inventors, their inventions, and the era they are located in. explain why the invention was awesome for that era and then tell the detriments it brought.
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Unformatted text preview: Where is the writing unclear or vague? There is to big of a gap between the 18 th century and the 19 th . You jump from monarchy to democacy, nothing to steam engines with very little transitional detail. What is your favorite part of this piece of writing? I love the 18 th century stuff and would love to see more detail. What other comments can you provide for the author? Organize your thoughts chronologically, don't jump around, and provide the same amount of detail for each invention to give the paper flow. com220r3 *Adapted from Reinking, J. A., Hart, A. W., & Von der Osten, R. (2003). Strategies for successful writing: A rhetoric, research guide, reader, and handbook (6th ed.). Boston: Prentice-Hall/Pearson Custom Publishing. com220r3...
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