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GCSE Fitness Tests - Info

GCSE Fitness Tests - Info - Copy the work sheet read so far...

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Fitness Tests Test Fitness Component Tested/Body System/Muscles Multi-Stage Fitness Test Pull Ups* Standing Broad Jump* Vertical Jump* Press Ups* Sit Ups* Sit and Reach Test* Shoulder Hyperextension Test* Coopers Twelve Minute Run Harvard Step Test Cycle trgometer Test VO 2 Muscular strength - Dynamic Muscular strength - Explosive Muscular strength - Explosive Muscular strength - Dynamic Muscular strength - Dynamic Flexibility - Hips/Hamstrings Flexibility - Shoulders/Deltoids Stamina - Cardio Respiratory Recovery Time/Rate Stamina - Cardio Respiratory METHODS OF FITNESS TESTING - Activity There are a number of different fitness components , such as speed, stamina flexibility and strength. If we talk about a persons fitness, we usually refer to aerobic fitness; the ability of their heart and lungs to meet the demands of a situation. This is also known as cardio-vascular fitness. We look at a test for this and other components. Tasks: 1.
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Unformatted text preview: Copy the work sheet read so far. 2. Copy the introduction to each test, explaining what it tests and measures. 3. Detail the equipment needed and the method of conducting each of the tests. 4. List at least two activities for which the fitness component in question is needed. 1. THE MULTISTAGE FITNESS TEST This measures your VO 2 max; maximal oxygen consumption - the maximum volume (amount) of oxygen you can use when exercising. This means the amount your lungs absorb and the up-take (use) of this oxygen by your working muscles (aerobic fitness.) 2. THE SIT AND REACH TEST This tests the flexibility in your hip joints and hamstring muscles. 3. THE VETICAL OR SARGAENT JUMP This measures and tests the explosive strength in your leg muscles. 4. THE STANDING BROAD JUMP This measures explosive power in your leg muscles. 5. THE (METRE) RULER DROP TEST This tests your reaction time....
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