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Microbiology Exam II Fall 2001 Name: _____________________________________________ Multiple Choice: Circle the most correct answer for each of the following questions. (2 points each) 1. In a DNA molecule, which base would you expect to find paired with cytosine? a. guanine b. uracil c. adenine d. thymine e. cytosine 2. DNA serves as the template to initiate protein synthesis. What is directly formed from this template? a. protein b. mRNA c. tRNA d. ATP e. Amino acids 3. What does ligase do during replication of DNA? a. Makes copies of mRNA from DNA b. Removes damaged sections of DNA c. Joins together mRNA d. Joins together DNA segments e. Digests mRNA when it is no longer needed 4. Which is mismatched? a. Replication = formation of 2 identical DNA molecules b. Transcription = mRNA synthesized from a DNA template c. Translation = tRNA transfers amino acids to the ribosomes based on mRNA codons d. Nonsense codons = terminator codons e. Anticodon = sequence of 3 nitrogenous bases on the gene 5. A red pigment produced by a bacterial species is an example of a(n)? a. Phenotype b. Genotype c. Operon d. Promoter e. Inducible enzyme
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6. Which of the following best describes a plasmid? a. A gene within the chromosome b. Small circular piece of DNA outside the chromosome c. The genetic material of a bacteriophage d. Part of bacterial ribosomes e. A single, linear strand of DNA 7. Which of the following is NOT involved in bacterial conjugation? a. Bacteriophage b. F+ cells c. F- cells d. Plasmids e. Sex pili 8. What was one of the first and most useful microscopic tests for classifying bacteria that is still important today? a.
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1 - Microbiology Exam II Fall 2001 Name Multiple Choice...

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