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14874 - EDITORIALS Israel Defeat in Its Victories The...

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EDITORIALS Weekly EPW june 19, 2010 vol xlv no 25 9 T he recent Israeli military attack on the six-ship “Gaza peace flotilla” – carrying medical, food, educational and civil supplies to Gaza to break the illegal and inhuman blockade by Israel – has been met with shock and condemnation globally. Much of the facts relating to this case are well known by now. Israeli armed forces attacked and boarded these ships in inter national waters, killing as many as 19 people. Israel claimed the soldiers were “forced” to fire when they were attacked by passengers on the ship Mavi Marmara , but subsequent testimonies by journalists and activists on the ship have shown this to be another example of the infamous Zionist Hasbara or spin-doctoring of public opinion through half-truths and outright lies. Autopsy reports of those killed indicate that many were shot in the back or the top of their heads, from helicopters flying above. It appears that the Israeli military attacked the ship at about 4 am when most of the Muslim passengers of the ship were on the top deck for the morning prayers. When armed men attack civilian vessels in international waters, kill people and confiscate the goods, it is known either as piracy or an act of war. Israel has the dubious distinction of having the maximum number of United Nations resolutions against it, but this has made not the slightest of difference to its behaviour. It has attacked its neighbours, occupied territory in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt; it has massacred refugees and assassinated its political opponents; it has undeclared nuclear weapons; it has continued building illegal settlements in Palestinian lands. Just
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