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Chapter 4 In-Class Project Fall 2007 Name:____________________________ ____ 1. Socialization: (A) is a life long process (B) is mostly limited to the early years (C) enables people to adjust to their social environment (D) A and C ____ 2. Harry Harlow’s findings with monkeys can be applied directly to human children. (A) true (B) false ____ 3. Attempts to socialize “Genie”: (A) lasted four years and were not successful (B) lasted six years were not successful (C) lasted four years are were successful (D) were never tried ____ 4. The process of socialization permits humans to develop the basic characteristics associated with being human. (A) true (B) false ____ 5. Which type of study provided the strongest support for the importance of socialization for normal human development? (A) Harlow’s monkey studies (B) studies of Genie and Anna (C) orphanage studies ____ 6. The text analyzes the role of the mass media in the socialization process because it is the most important source of socialization in our modern society. (A) true (B) false
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