Birth Order Extra Credit

Birth Order Extra Credit - Mikey Matthews Period 7...

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Unformatted text preview: Mikey Matthews Period 7 Psychology Birth Order Extra Credit Me-Oldest Adler’s Oldest Theory: Adler believed that the oldest was supposed to be a natural leader, opposed to the other children. This seems normal seeing that everyone is younger than them. Alder also felt that the oldest must be a person who can take charge and plan things out in advance. The oldest will also be naturally inclined to set a good example for all of his/her siblings. The oldest would be best matched with the youngest. I can say that many of Adler’s described characteristics of the oldest child apply to me accurately. I am certainly the leader in my family because our dad does not live with us, so I have to step up and take control some times. I am also a person that enjoys taking charge when working on a group project or just a discussion in class. One thing I find to be very accurate about Adler’s theory is how the oldest best matches with the youngest. Everyone says that my youngest brother and I look exactly alike, and I can matches with the youngest....
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Birth Order Extra Credit - Mikey Matthews Period 7...

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