CHAPTER 17 TAKE HOME TEST - Farmers v. Ranchers range wars,...

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Mikey Matthews Period 1 Ryder Chapter 17 Take Home Test Natural World/Spiritual World – obsession with nature, ancient, no success, false reality Slaughter of the Buffalo – Buffalo Bill, carcasses left behind, army commander encouragement Chief Joseph – Nez-Perces of Oregon, forced transportation, encouraged harmony The Phoenix and Carlisle Indian School – Americanize the Indian, vocational training, sports at Carlisle Dawes Act – eliminate “Indian Problem”, speculators, severalty, exclude private property Little Big Horn/Custer – underestimating enemy, out-numbered, conclusion of Indian-white conflict Ghost Dance/Wounded Knee- Wovoka promised restoration, hidden gun, Indians slaughtered, baby Western Railroads- Chinese immigrant labor, golden spike, boosted population, transcontinental Frontier Life – troublesome psychological adjustments, homesteader, violent weather Homestead Act – free land promotes poor independence, attracted immigrants, speculators
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Unformatted text preview: Farmers v. Ranchers range wars, cattle bonanza, land rights Barbed wire guarded farmers crops, fenced off livestock, land clashes Boom and Bust/Virginia City- speculation and construction, shanty town into thriving metropolis, Joseph G. McCoy cattle industry elevation, shrewd, eastern markets, railcar transportation Myth of the West complimentary land provides economic benefits, commercial optimism Deadwood Dick Nat Love, successful contest winner, author Edward Wheeler Comstock Lode illiterate prospector, Sierra Nevada Gold, Carson River, Oklahoma Land Rush greedy homesteaders, illegal Sooners, Civilized tribe betrayal Fredrick Jackson Turner & the Frontier Experience frontier conceived freedom, breaking customs, rugged American identity Powell. Muir wilderness security, passion for nature, tranquility, conservation Lame Deer Article underfunded miracles, academically instruct Indians, optimism for race...
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