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Mikey Matthews Period 1 Ryder APUSH E.C Glory Questions 1. I believe the filmmaker’s attitude towards the Civil War is more focused on the ever- changing idea of black equality rather than the actual violence aspect. I have highlighted several scenes in the movie which reinforce my idea that the filmmakers have this attitude toward the war. One scene is when the 54 th Massachusetts Regiment is participating in a parade in which thousands of people are attending to give support for these soldiers. In the audience is Fredrick Douglas who can be seen as symbolic toward this attitude of prospering black equality. Another scene is when John Rawlins is promoted to Sgt. Maj. This is significant because John Rawlins became the first African American to have a ranking position in either United States Army; in this case, the Union Army. Before watching Glory , I had my own opinions and attitudes toward the war. All of which were either reinforced or altered as a result of me watching the movie. My first opinion, which was reinforced at the beginning, was that soldiers during the Civil War needed more discipline in order to prevent mass retreats. At the battle of Antietam, due to
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E.C Glory Questions - Mikey Matthews Period 1 Ryder APUSH...

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