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E.C Sonnet for English - Because the witches rules he must...

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Mikey Matthews Period 9 British Literature Glaser E.C. Sonnet Violence can’t fulfill Macbeth’s growing ambition Violence causes violence with upward trends; not acting without his wife’s harsh permission Better they talk it over like friends. Evil-doers will meet an evil end; for ruthless Macbeth will regret one day his passion for killing a dear close friend.
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Unformatted text preview: Because the witches rules he must obey . When Banquo is killed, his white ghost appears, Macbeth’s guests are stunned from what Macbeth said ; Only Macbeth is showing his true fears. Lady calms him down; she does not get paid . Violence will not fill a big empty heart more so it will leave a large nasty scar ....
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