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Jacksons Indians - Mikey Matthews Period 1 Ryder Jacksons...

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Mikey Matthews Period 1 Ryder Jackson’s Indian Removal Questions 1. After reading over these documents, I find that the central theme of American thinking concerning Native Americans is that the Natives will only be interfering with an industrializing American society. While the federal government believes that natives need to adopted American culture, many frontier people were overall just frustrated with what to do with the Natives. Ethnocentrism was very common in America at this time. Ethnocentrism is looking at the world from the perspective of one’s own culture. The settlers and frontier people of America expressed their ethnocentric ideas by requiring Native Americans to undergo dramatic social adjustments in order to fit into New American society. The Five Civilized Tribes constituted a serious moral problem because of how they had once adopted the civilized ways of the white man and now we were removing them.
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