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Mikey Matthews Psychology Period 7 Left Handed Advantage Summary In this article, Amanda Onion starts off with some statistics that support the idea that lefties are more likely to have mental disabilities along with several other problems. This is mostly because of the sense of minority that lefties tend to experience. However, studies done in France have proven that lefties are more likely to win fights and thrive under harsh conditions. This is due to the fact that lefties know how to fight against righties but righties don’t know how to fight against lefties.
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Unformatted text preview: This rule also applies to animals and causes them to experience the same benefits. For instance, fish that travel in groups usually watch out for each other and tend to flee in the same direction. However, minority-sided fish flee in the opposite direction and fake out the predators. Another advantage of being left handed is the tendency to be more intellectual. Famous thinkers from history such as Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Benjamin Franklin seem to underline the point....
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