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Mikey Matthews Per. 9 Glaser Pilgrimage Poster Reflection The three stereotypes I choose to write about are: Americans worry so much about how they look, Americans are obsessed with spending money, and that a high percent of American Society is overweight. I choose these stereotypes because all three are completely different but still are found almost anywhere. Another reason why I choose these stereotypes is because they are all negative and have been said several times by many. I realized that the best spot to find pictures that represented these stereotypes was in popular media magazines such as the National Enquirer and People . After flipping through the pages for only a minute or two, I was already cutting out several pictures that I could use. Once I was done and started reflecting on my poster, I noticed that all three stereotypes are related in that they all show how
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Unformatted text preview: Americans care about what other people think of them. At first, I was not really looking for inspiration from The Tales, however after reflecting, I realized that all of these stereotypes can be represented by sins and characters. For example, Americans who are worried about how they look could be considered sinful using pride. This would mostly relate to the Prioress who always wants to look her best and never “middle-class”. Another example would be with Americans who are obsessed with money. This would be sinful using greed and would be something done by the Pardoner, who lives his life based off greed. If Chaucer were alive he would be shocked at how similar our society is (moral/virtue wise) compared to his. Just about everything included in The Canterbury Tales could related to someone in modern society....
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