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Mikey Matthews Per. 9 American Studies 90's Trend Cartoon Rationale Throughout the 1990's, many trends had become popular among our society. One of the more popular trends was Poke'mon Trading Cards. I wanted to create a cartoon that encompased some of the "must have" trends of the 90's. In the cartoon, I used Poke'mon to symbolize the younger generation. The popular "boy band" N'Sync was chosen to symbolize the music industry "force feeding" the younger generation a new type of corporate generated music. During the 90's, the music industry introduced many "corporate made" boy bands
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Unformatted text preview: like N'Sync and Backstreet Boys to name a few. By choosing N'Sync and Poke'mon in my cartoon, I was able to express the concept of how big money corporations decide what the youth of America will listen to and what trends they will follow. Even though the two trends are different, I incorporated them together to express an idea. Both generated huge profits and enjoyed tremendous popularity. They both started to lose their appeal at about the same time....
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