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07 May 2008 Mikey Matthews 2612 Newport Dr. Naperville, IL 60565 Dear Mikey Matthews I was very to please to get a chance to watch you and your partners lead the Inner Circle. I thought T.J Sennott a great partner to work with because it seemed he could further his discussion while relating back to your own questions. One of the most interesting questions I heard was when you asked " Why have the words Color of Water, used on page 55, been chosen to title the book". I thought this was a great way to kick off the Inner Circle discussion and I think the audience got a good example of what kind of questions need to be asked while leading the Inner Circle. One thing I was not very please to hear was you ask a question relating to Ruth's father and the
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Unformatted text preview: KKK, when you did not understand the KKK fully. It's important to have a good understanding of your subject before asking a question in which you can be contradicted. With this being said, I would like for you to make sure to do your next reading with extra focus so that you can be totally prepared for the next discussion. Even though I was not please to hear you ask this question without full understanding, the class was deep in a racial groups disscussion for over 15 min. This allowed me to learn some good information on the KKK and the Black Panthers that I did not know before. Overall, I would rate your performance an 88 out of 100. Sincerely, Mr. Socrates...
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