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What I see in Lincolns EYES

What I see in Lincolns EYES - something that would...

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Mikey Matthews Period 1 APUSH “What I See in Lincoln’s Eyes” Questions 1. Barack Obama relates to Lincoln in that they both have a fundamental element of American life-the enduring belief that we can always rebuild ourselves to fit our large dreams. With both of these men doing this, they were not only able to rebuild themselves but also rebuild their surroundings. 2. Two qualities that Senator Obama admires about Lincoln are (1) his ability to overcome personal loss and remain determined in the face of repeated defeat and (2) his ability to capture a desire from America that is wanted to innovate and rebuild. Obama felt that these components (along with many others) helped develop Lincoln’s character into
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Unformatted text preview: something that would eventually confront the greatest moral challenge this nation has ever faced. 3. Senator Obama looks at Lincoln in only ways that show complete and total respect. I agree with what Obama has to say because Lincoln proved to American that we were unable to stay divided. He also had to overcome depression and self-doubt from the course of events early in his career. 4. When comparing Barack Obama’s life and Lincoln’s life I can only think prosperous and that anything is possible with what you are given. Both of these men had to continue being productive while going through hard times but in the end great things came their way....
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