WOMEN US - Individualism 1820­1860 Common people have own...

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Unformatted text preview: Individualism 1820­1860 Common people have own views (278) Self reliance 1960­2008 Peace, love and being Individual (60's­70s) Materialistic, caring about makes about making ing choices for themselves (80's­now) es (80's­now) Respect for political figures but don’t trust them (60's­70's) Political figures are jokes and get no respect (2000­2008) To much info/technology leads to questioning of authority Validity Similar, people since 1820 have been becoming more and more self­reliant and are creating own views Questioning of Authority Criticism of lawyers, physicians, ministers (278) ( Attack on the professions) Second Great Awakening Similar, both time periods have undergone changes in society which has lead the citizens to begin questioning authority Changes within the family Youth decides wheather to stay or go "self made youth not only self made adults" (279) Increases in marriages women gain indep. From the home physical appearance of houses change high birth rates moral­reform society trys to help women influence society (282) Women stay at home (60's­70's) Women enter the work force (80's­now) youth important/involved (80's­now) youth=hippies=not important (60's­70's) Similar, both time periods went through an economy/ technology boom which has pushed for changes in family life. Youth plays a big role in both time periods. ple since 1820 ecoming more and liant and are time periods one changes hich has lead time periods h an economy/ boom which has hanges in family lays a big role ...
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WOMEN US - Individualism 1820­1860 Common people have own...

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