ADJ 235 Week 8 Checkpoint

ADJ 235 Week 8 Checkpoint - advantage of me and have me...

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If I was working in the prison as a supervisor I would have to factor everything before making my decision on whether or not to send the letter. I would have to think about my job, the training I was taught in the prison system, and my morals. Maybe I would even look at it as how do I feel about this inmate. With me I would have to be honest, have a strong sense of duty, and justice. With having all of this I would more than likely tell the inmate no, but then I would want to read the letter to see if it is important or not. With reading the letter I will be able to see what is written and who it is going to. On the other hand I would have to remember that this inmate is a trouble maker and I would not want any problems. Now if I was to tell the inmate that I would send the letter this can cause me more problems. When saying this I mean the inmate will take
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Unformatted text preview: advantage of me and have me keep sending letter. The risk of me sending it would be losing my job, having other inmates find out about the letter, and the letter having codes on in it. With seeing all of the pros and cons I would have to decline to the inmate. I would do that because there is a reason the inmate lost all his rights to send mail. My choice most closely corresponds with the system of deontology, which is primarily concerned with universal morals such as duty and justice. So with all the other ethical systems that I really looked into I would have to say that the deontology is the best one. This was the motivation in making this really difficult decision. No matter what my job is more important than any inmate....
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