Chapter 6 QUIZ

Chapter 6 QUIZ - Chapter 6 In-Class Project Fall 2007

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6 In-Class Project Fall 2007 Name:____________________________ ____ 1. Sociologically we consider art to be a group endeavor. (A) true (B) false ____ 2. Sociologically this particular class is considered to be a: (A) a secondary group (B) a primary group (C) a social institution (D) both A and C (E) both B and C (F) none of these ____ 3. Which of these are considered to be groups? (A) social aggregates (B) social categories (C) social networks (D) A and B (E) none ____ 4. The concept of secondary group is an example of an ideal type. (A) true (B) false ____ 5. Primary groups: (A) generally promote conformity and contribute to social control (B) can promote deviance and contribute to social disorder (C) can do either A or B (D) none apply ____ 6. If individuals are expected to relate to one another strictly on the basis of status or role primary relationships are: (A) likely to develop (B) unlikely to develop ____ 7. The term blended family refers to families consisting of multiple religions or ethnicities.____ 7....
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