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Bias, Rhetorical Devices, and Argumentation The speaker spoke as if he had already won the election. To me he seemed very cocky and arrogant; he also had a funny side which made you like him. I did notice some bias in the video speech when he said all the stuff about the other candidate, who knows what, is true. I think people in politics can lie and deceive you into believing what they want you to hear. Kane, as well as the campaigner who introduces him, paints Getty’s as an evil man who dominates the state without concern for the working class or the socially and economically disadvantaged. Kane also implies his opponent is guilty of criminal behavior by promising to arrange for the indictment, prosecution, and conviction of Getty’s. Kane wants his listeners to infer that he, unlike Boss Getty’s, is an honest man who will work diligently for the people of the state and keep his campaign promises. But Kane sure knew how to work up an audience. The fallacies that I noticed in the speech were; down player because most of his
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