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Images and Vision Change Analysis 2 - Images and Vision...

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Images and Vision Change Analysis 1 Images and Vision Change Analysis
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Images and Vision Change Analysis 2 Introduction Strategic change management is most successful when a company’s mission statement and vision statement are supported by strategies that focus on the four key elements of change which include situation analysis, strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation. A companywide process requires a vision statement which refers to the overall goals as aspirations for the future without specifying the exact means that will be used to achieve them. Imagining the future allows people to overlook current obstacles to see an ideal future. A vision statement is a short, brief, stimulating, and competitive declaration of what the company intends to accomplish in the future. The most clear vision statements are often one or two sentences that should address the basic question, “What do we want to become?” (Palmer, 2009) On the other hand, mission statements are not always devoid of length as the objective is to state the logic for the organization’s existence. It is designed to define the nature of the business as well as the steps it will take to succeed and its methods of competing. By allowing management to define a clear direction and purpose for the organization, the mission statement becomes a vital reference point in planning and implementing change. Opposite of a vision statement, a mission statement should incorporate specific objectives that can be accomplished in a set period of time, thereby providing focus for daily operations internally. Both the mission and vision statements are implemented through the business’ strategic scope determining the operational boundaries such as geography, market, business process, and products. Application Analysis Vision Statement A vision should be created by leaders of the organization to help unite employees towards a purpose which operates as the groundwork of any business. The fundamental approach is to develop a mission that can be applied in all business processes across all functions. Starbuck’s vision statement is “To inspire and nurture the
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Images and Vision Change Analysis 2 - Images and Vision...

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