plager checker - together. My company would be wiling to...

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preferences help Turnitin Originality Report Processed on: 11-08-09 11:40 PM CST ID: 113347680 Word Count: 88 Submitted: 1 final project topic By Kelli Denning Similarity Index 0% What's this? Similarity by Source Internet Sources: 0% Publications: 0% Student Papers: N/A exclude quoted exclude bibliography exclude small matches download print mode: The benefits to DigiFast and the other employees would be great. My business would be able to provide services to the building owners and employees at a great low discounted rate. It would provide services to the other companies in the building as well as having a discounted rate for the employees of the business. there are many accounting firms and lawyering firms that do business
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Unformatted text preview: together. My company would be wiling to try to come to terms with the lawyer firm to work together in our finances. My feedback for this short writing was 0%. My paragraph was not similar to any others on file. I am not surprised by this feedback. It was a very short paragraph written from an idea in my head. I didn’t use any sources or information from anywhere else so, there weren’t any others that could be considered for plagiarism. I think that out of all of the feedback from this source I value the fact that I can write out an original idea....
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plager checker - together. My company would be wiling to...

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