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Abortion Is a Woman's Right Table of Contents: Further Readings The Center for Reproductive Rights is a nonprofit legal advocacy organization dedicated to promoting and defending women's reproductive rights worldwide . International human rights agreements support a woman's right to make decisions that affect her own body. Among these rights are the right to physical integrity, which entitles her to decide if she will or will not carry a pregnancy to term; the right to privacy, which allows her to decide to have an abortion without government interference; the right to life, under which she should have access to a medically safe abortion that will not endanger her life. If a woman decides that an abortion is in her best interest, governments should respect that decision and recognize that she is exercising her basic human rights. Each year, 75 million women have unwanted pregnancies. Each of these women has her own familial relationships, hopes for the future, economic concerns, and health needs. These and other factors will influence her decision either to carry a pregnancy to term or to seek an abortion. Given the complexity of this decision, the only person equipped to make it is the pregnant woman herself. Neither family, nor clergy, nor community, nor government has the capacity to make that decision for her. Governments should respect a woman's human right to make decisions regarding her reproductive life. A woman who decides to have an abortion must have access to the facilities and care that will enable her to terminate her pregnancy safely. Governments that prosecute and punish women who have had abortions penalize women for exercising their basic rights. These rights are no less compromised when a woman who decides to terminate a pregnancy can do so only by undertaking a serious risk to her health. ... Abortion Is a Woman's Choice A woman has a right to make decisions regarding her own body. Support for this right is found in a number of human rights instruments, which contain provisions that ensure freedom in decision-making about private matters. Such provisions include protections of the right to physical integrity, the right to decide freely and responsibly the number and spacing of one's children, and the right to privacy. Women have the right to decide whether or not to bring a pregnancy to term. The right to physical integrity ensures freedom from unwanted invasions of one's body. When a pregnancy is unwanted, its continuation can take a heavy toll on a woman's physical and emotional well-being. A woman's right to physical integrity entitles her to decide whether or not she will carry a pregnancy to term.
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A woman's right to determine the number and spacing of her children requires governments to make abortion services legal, safe, and accessible to all women. Women are entitled to have access to all safe, effective means of controlling their family size, including abortion. In addition, there are a number of circumstances in which abortion
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final project info - Abortion Is a Woman's Right Table of...

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