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identifying fallacies - Number 2 The use of these drugs...

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Unformatted text preview: Number 2: The use of these drugs frequently results in multiple births, which leads to the death of one of the infants, often after an agonizing struggle for survival. According to the rules of the pro-lifers, isn’t this murder? I think that this example would be considered a loaded question. This is because it is asked in a way that makes the person answering the question admit to the assumption. Number 3: Abby recognized the pseudo reasoning for what it was, though she did not call it by our name. What is our name for it? I think that this example would be ad hominen . I think this because it is an argument against the person who wrote the letter. Number 5: Letter to the Editor. These so-called fitness enthusiasts would evidently have us give up to them for their own private use every last square inch of Walnut Grove. I think that this example would be dysphemism. I think this because the writer is using an offensive phrase but example would be dysphemism....
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