taking position - Part B The issue is abortion I am...

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Part A The main issue in this article is stealing or financial fraud. I think that Anita waits to hear the  whole story before passing judgment. Rather than agreeing with the other employee or being  immediately outraged, Anita continues to ask questions until the entire story is presented. I think  that Anita’s decision is based on a moral logic. Not everyone has the same morals as the next  person. Her choice was based on what she thought was the right thing to do even though her  co-worker was a friend of hers. Anita takes action. Rather than telling her co-worker that she did  not approve, or denying the offer, she called the appropriate person in charge to report it. 
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Unformatted text preview: Part B The issue is abortion. I am pro-life. Considerations that lead me to this were comparing the topic with the value of life. When first learning about this topic I suspended judgment. I didn’t know enough about it to take a stance. I researched the topic before coming to my decision. My decision was based on moral value. It is my opinion about it. I use my individual morals to help make my decisions. I made a decision. I did not become a radical or anything, just simply made up my mind about a topic of discussion....
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