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Coughlin vs Tailhook - (Nev 1991 Application Due to the...

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Coughlin vs Tailhook JAMES CHARNELL LAW/531 - BUSINESS LAW By Armond Dowdell July 24, 2010
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Facts: Paula Coughlin was attacked by a group of men at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas in 1991. As a result, she is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and it is causing her the inability to perform her assigned duties. Paula Coughlin sued Tailhook and the Hilton Corporation. Paula is awarded compensation and punitive damages against Tailhook and Hilton hotel Issue: Paula Coughlin sues Tailhook and the Hilton Corporation for negligence regarding her safety. She alleged that the Hotel disregarded her safety and is seeking compensation and punitive damages. Rule: Mrs. Coughlin’s decision to file a lawsuit against the Hilton hotel and Tailhook and drew similar comparisons from the verdict in the Granite Construction Co. v Rhyne, 817 P.2d 711
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Unformatted text preview: (Nev. 1991). Application: Due to the negligent from the hotel, malice acts were brought upon on Paula. Also in Nevada, these intentional acts warrant legal precautionary actions to be taken place on the behalf of the defendant. Conclusion: The decision was in favor of the defendant because no measures were taken to ensure that such crimes wouldn’t happen in their establishment. Since there is evidence proving that Paula was oppressed and malice acts of violence was committed in the Las Vegas Hilton hotel then compensation and punitive damages will be awarded to her according to Nevada laws. As a result both Tailhook and Hilton hotel will have to pay Paula....
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Coughlin vs Tailhook - (Nev 1991 Application Due to the...

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