Problem Solution_wk2 - than the customer’s word Since she...

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Armond R. Dowdell Law/531 July 26, 2010 Problem Solution Fact: Smith is a cashier for a retail store. She was accused by a customer of stealing ten dollars when the customer went to check a price. The customer claimed to have $500-600 dollars in her pursue but refused to count it when asked by the store manager. Smith was asked to be stripped and searched by a fellow employee but no money was found. She later quit her job and filed a suit against the store. Issue: A customer falsely accused Smith of stealing money from her. Smith was stripped searched and later quit because of the incident. Smith is filing charges against the store for invading her privacy. Smith has to prove whether the store vviolated one of the three elements under the intrusion upon seclusion-type of invasion of privacy: 1. Intentional intrusion into private area 2. Where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, and 3. The intrusion would be highly objectionable to a reasonable person Application: There is not enough evidence to say that Smith stole the customer’s money other
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Unformatted text preview: than the customer’s word. Since she made the accusations stating that Smith stole her money, it gave probable cause to search her, which is under #2 of the intrusion upon seclusion-type of invasion of privacy. None of Smith’s rights were violated and according to the passage, the store manager took proper procedures to check her. Conclusion: Smith doesn’t have a valid case against the store since the store manager followed the proper procedures so no laws were violated. The manager had to search her body and it was within legal guidelines. In this particular case there was no evidence showing she took the money and since it was the customer’s word against Smith. Smith will not win this case because no laws were violated and the store manager had probable cause because the customer accused Smith. Reference: EBOOK COLLECTION: Business Law: Legal Environment, Online Commerce, Business Ethics, and International Issues , Ch. 5 Week 2 Lecture Law/531...
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Problem Solution_wk2 - than the customer’s word Since she...

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