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BUS 31.4 Chapter 13 - Copy

BUS 31.4 Chapter 13 - Copy - Chapter 13 Project Management...

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Chapter 13 – Project Management S. Neuburger Project Management Define project and decompose to significant tasks or activities. Develop sequential relationship among activities (in particular, identify immediate predecessor s) Draw project network Determine time (which we will call t ) and/or cost estimates of each activity Find critical path – path through network with longest total time. CPM – Critical Path Method - deterministic PERT – Program Evaluation and Review Technique – probabilistic When considering a particular activity, every other activity can be classified with respect to it: Predecessor activity – one that must be completed before the given activity can be started Successor activity – can be started only after the given activity is completed. Parallel activity – does not directly depend on the given activity. A path through the network is a sequence of connected tasks from the start of the project to its completion. The path
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