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BUS 31.4 Review Quiz 3 - Copy - Iterate to find better...

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CIS 10.31 / BUS 31.4 Review S. Neuburger Chapter 10 – Transportation and Assignment Models Transportation Model You should know how to: Set up transportation table. When to introduce a dummy source or destination. Find initial feasible solution using Northwest Corner Rule (or Vogel’s Approximation Method). Verify that a solution is feasible. Calculate cost of the route chosen. Determine if this is the optimal solution using Stepping Stone Method (or MODI approach).
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Unformatted text preview: Iterate to find better solution if this was not optimal. Special Cases: Maximization vs. Minimization Unbalanced – introduce dummy Assignment Model You should know how to: Use the flood technique to find the best assignment possible. Special Cases: Maximization can become minimization Unbalanced – introduce dummy...
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