BUS 50.3 Final Review - Copy

BUS 50.3 Final Review - Copy - Final Exam Rules and...

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Final Exam Rules and Information The Final Exam will be held on July 1, 2010 (Thursday) beginning at 3:30 PM. It will be in Room 222 Whitehead. 1) Please bring #2 pencils with erasers to the final exam, as you will need a pencil to complete the exam answer sheets. I will not be bringing pencils for the class. 2) Please bring photo identification consisting of your Brooklyn College identification card. (If you lost your identification card, please bring a drivers license.) 3) Please remember to go to the bathroom before the final exam. Once someone leaves the classroom, even to go to the bathroom, the final exam ends for that individual. 4) Anyone coming later than 30 minutes to the exam will NOT be able to take the final exam. 5) Anyone finishing the final exam before 30 minutes will be asked to remain in the classroom until after 30 minutes have passed. 6) Anyone who has regularly participated in the class and misses the final exam will receive an ABS grade, as per Brooklyn College policy. This will involve having to pay a special fee to re-take the final, applying for and needing to receive special permission from Brooklyn College, and taking the final exam many months from now. Please note that this permission to re-take the final exam is not an automatic permission and it may not be granted. Note that for those who have not regularly participated and miss the final exam, Brooklyn College policy requires me to
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BUS 50.3 Final Review - Copy - Final Exam Rules and...

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