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There is much more to the universe than we perceive with our five senses. Some of the material deals with phenomena that are totally physical, but difficult or impossible to explain given our current state of knowledge and investigative means. These include the pyramids of Egypt and other megaliths, crop circles, and the moon. Some phenomena are with us every day, but science offers no insight or explanation. These include existence, thought, feelings, intuition, instinct and life. Much of the evidence on UFOs, alien encounters, and alien invasion is subjective. It includes reports from reputable, stable people about extraordinary occurrences. There are many of these occurrences, and they have been documented by reputable physicists, psychologists, psychiatrists and other researchers. In cases in which undeniable physical evidence exists, such as in the case of crop circles, most people simply choose to ignore the phenomenon. It is incredible, and cannot be explained at all by modern science. Most people’s reactions are total indifference: they can’t explain it, and science can’t explain it, and it seems impossible, so they simply refuse to consider it. It is like having to explain existence or life – in the context of our five senses, it can’t be done, and people don’t worry a whole lot about it. It is somewhat like “Flatlanders” (two-dimensional “people”) trying to imagine the third dimension. The situation is similar for the pyramids and other megaliths. The pyramids of Egypt are comprised of thousands of massive blocks placed together so closely that all you can see is a line between them – you could not slip even a razor blade between them. The bas-relief hieroglyphics, in the thousands, are perfect in every detail. The “unfinished obelisk” sits in a bed of living rock, with perfectly flat, polished sides. No one has any credible explanation how any of these could have been built when they were with the tools available at the time. Although physical science fails to provide explanation for these phenomena, this is not to say that they are without explanation. There is much explanation, but it comes from unconventional sources. Most of our knowledge about ancient technology and ancient history comes from spiritual science. It comes via hypnotic regression of purported abductees, it comes from people in trances (such as Edgar Cayce), it comes from channelers, it comes from the US Army’s remote viewers, and it comes from users of various psychic tools, such as autohypnosis, astral projection, and board instruments. Unlike the pyramids, other megaliths, crop circles, the moon, and radar returns from UFOs, the salient aspect of these other sources is that they are subjective. They cannot be verified by the usual scientific means of enquiry. So, there’s not much to do to make people believe. All we can is asking: “Do you believe?”
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UFO - Contents 1 1 INTRODUCTION There is much more to the...

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