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2-----This photo belongs to the period is eygpt. Seeing strange objects in the sky is a universal phenomenon.But Objects in sky always interpreted within language & metaphors of the age – gods, demons, angels, space ships. BC Dated to 10 000 years, an alien visitor claimed to have been made to represent the cave paintings, Val Camonica (Italy). But the pictures represent deities or mythological person may have been done. 1------Hi my name is faik.My department is bussines management.My topic is Ufo and i will talk about ufo.I choose this topic.Because I believe Ufo.Today I will try to convince you. I want to start with a question. ,there’s not much to do to make people believe. All we can is asking: “Do you believe?”Firstly what is ufo ? A UFO is technically an "unidentified flying object," nothing more no less.And we look ufos Historical Influences. 3-----April 14 1561 Nuremberg (Germany) recorded the sky as seen, and the circular cylinder representing the UFO , has been engraved on wood by Hans
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