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LEsson 3 Assignment 1

LEsson 3 Assignment 1 - A Farmer,upermarket andartIncome...

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Supermarket and food service FDA and other food regulations Farmer, Fishermen, food manufacturers Consumer Desire Consumer Disposable Income Consumer Purchasing Part A: There are so many different ways to think about systems in which I live. Two of the most important ways to me are the system that is made up by nationality and where you live in the world as well as the overall biological system of the earth. With the former, the smallest subset system would be house in which I live with my family. Subsystems get larger from there such as town I live in, then state, then country, then hemisphere, and then the larger system which is planet Earth. If I wanted I could expand the system to include the galaxy or even universe that we inhabit. These systems branch out in complexity yet they are all interrelated with each other. Biologically, I am a mammal that lives on land and my body achieves homeostasis as its own system. Yet my body is a part of a larger system that includes other animals where resources are exchanged.
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