assignment 1 - M y residential p lot as a community is...

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My residential plot as a community is facing a problem of waste of public equipment. There's a fountain place in the middle of the residential area, but I have never saw the fountain working. This is a waste of public fountain. There are also reading rooms and tea rooms in our community, but all of these are not in use right now. This is not only a waste of equipment, but also a waste of space. For my region , Beijing, is now facing a huge problem of overpopulation, and this problem can lead to many other related problems, such as water pollution, air pollution, housing shortage, and unemployment. In my nation, China , overpopulation is still a big issue. China is facing the problem to feed 1.4 billions of the population with very limited arable land (import and outport not counted here) and to ensure the medical care for this huge population. The gap between rich and poor are the new raised problem in China in the past 30 years. China as a country of 5000 years of history, is also facing a problem of protection of historical sites and show the very
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assignment 1 - M y residential p lot as a community is...

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