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Assignment 3.2A There are a few greater systems that I am a part of such as the U.S., New York State, New York City, and Brooklyn. But more specifically I am part of a community which is made up of a system of neighborhoods. Each neighborhood is made up of a system of houses. My home is made up of a system called my family. My parents work in an effort to support me and put me through school. In order to do so, she works in a system and is paid by the NYC government. In this system, she helps to upkeep a sect of the government so that others can in turn support their family systems. The larger system we are a part of is called the U.S. economy. Furthermore, I contribute to the system by paying taxes, working and paying for school to become educated and later pay more taxes and support more individuals through means such as charity and family care- this is my subsystem
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Unformatted text preview: Assignment 3.2B The purpose of the airline transportation system is to transport many peope from origin to destination. It carries troops, businessmen, athletes, vacationers, and general population who are moving. It also helps to transfer cargo and mail. It is influenced by many subsystems such as U.S. government through FAA regulations, air traffic, weather, the economy, and vacation seasons. One of its subsystems are the in-flight meals, engine and internal mechanisms. It is a subsystem of the flight plan/itinerary, shipping process, mailing system, cargo transport, and a vacation schedule. If price of oil, food, or wages increases, the airline industry is directly affected because it costs more to have one flight- decreasing the volume. If the weather is terrible, flights are delayed and cancelled....
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