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Lesson 2, Assignment 2

Lesson 2, Assignment 2 - Beijing has perfect underground...

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Among all the problems I listed in the last assignment, the most critical area of problem for me is the how can I contribute to the natural and cultural environment of Beijing. As a Beijinger, I defiantly should not say the government should do everything, but every citizen of Beijing should do something to stop the cultural losing and pollution of the city. This issue is most critical for me is as I Beijinger, I do not think that I am doing good on this issue. I was doing a project of saving Beijing Swift, an endangered species that lives under the traditional Beijing eaves every spring. The project was so much meaningful and had left me a very precious memory to be with my team. This experience is a protection of not only Beijing style architectures but also the biodiversity of Beijing. I should continue doing this kind so activities.
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Unformatted text preview: Beijing has perfect underground transport system, and bus service system. I sometime commute with subway, but most time I take a taxi or drive. Beijing is a city with huge population that is already facing a very big traffic pressure. In order to live a low-carbon life, I should stop taking taxi or drive when I don’t have to, and I will start taking public transportation. This action will help Beijing with traffic jam, air pollution, and the overuse of non-reversible energy problems of the city. Several detail actions may also help Beijing with her sustainable development. For example, I should start turning the water cock off when applying the soap; I should stop polling all the trash and wastes together, but start doing recycle. By taking these very small actins, Beijing will be better, and life will be better....
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