Assignment 2 pat 1 - Artical1:

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Artical1: Aurthor: Dresner, S Title: The Principles of Sustainablity. Brief: At a time of increasingly rapid environmental deterioration, sustainability is one of the most important issues facing the world today. And also talks about historical development of the concept of sustainability contemporary debates and talks about how to achieve it obstacles and the prospects for overcoming them. Explanation: This article goes beyond rhetoric to explain the deeper issues of sustainable development in a way that is accessible and interesting to the non-specialist reader. We can make a conclusion that sustainability develop is an important issue. Aritcal2: Author: Anup Shah Title: Sustainable Development Brief: This part tries to figure out that the issue of development and sustainable development. Society needs sustainable development to avoid property and felt behind. Usually, government will spend amount
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Assignment 2 pat 1 - Artical1:

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