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Pessimist? Optimist? I have always considered myself a realist. However, when thinking realistically in the direction we are going now, I would concede to the argument that I am a pessimist. I also feel that my views fall in line with the pessimistic model when discussing the limits to growth. Even with the rising awareness of SD, we continue to use as natural resources as if it will replenish itself. We continue to use inefficient forms of fuel and energy by not only extract non-renewable resources but we also make matters worse by turning it into waste products that sometimes may not be biodegradable or add greenhouse gases to our atmosphere. Tying this into the economic perspective, many of our businesses and companies are directly tied to some natural resource (oil for example) and have a major impact on the economy (jobs, dependency on car industry, etc). If we are using quicker than we are developing, when the supply of oil (local or foreign) depletes, the economy with cripple such like a domino effect. Furthermore, the process will not be quick and abrupt, it
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