Preparation of 4-Bromo-2-Chloroaniline

Preparation of 4-Bromo-2-Chloroaniline - Preparation of

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Preparation of 4-Bromo-2-Chloroaniline Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to convert the acetamido group of 4-bromo- 2-chloroacetanilide into an amino group. This reaction takes place with concentrated hydrochloric acid in ethanol. The main reason to turn the acetamido group into an amino group is so that further substitution is feasible in the number 6 site of the ring without deactivating the properties of the halogens being a factor during additional reactions. The central reaction for their lab was: Procedure: In this experiment we obtained 11.20g of pure 4-bromo-2- chloroacetanilide without using or yield from the previous experiment. We then placed the crystals in a round bottom flask with 20mL of 95% ethanol solution with 13mL of concentrated hydrochloric acid. We turned the heat on to about 150 degrees Celsius and added the stir bar in and established our reflux apparatus. We had to retrieve a larger condensing column because the one we had did not fit. This had no effect on our experiment though because whether larger or smaller the condensing column only serves to cool entering vapors back into an aqueous state. During the reflux we set up another heater with 200 mL of deionized water in it to have it ready for when we needed it in the next part of the experiment. The reflux lasted for about half an hour before we decided to terminate. During our reflux I made the following observations:
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Preparation of 4-Bromo-2-Chloroaniline - Preparation of

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