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Lab 7 Gringard lab

Lab 7 Gringard lab - Lab Report 7 Preparation and Reactions...

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Lab Report 7: Preparation and Reactions of Gringard Reagents. Introduction: The purpose of this lab is to execute the techniques required to prepare a Grignard reagent from aryl and alky halides. Once the Gringard is prepared, we will then demonstrate the preparation of a tertiary alcohol, triphenylmethanol by the reaction of the Gringard reagent, phenylmagnesium bromide with the ester, methyl benzoate.
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Main Reaction : Procedure: My partner began the experiment by weighing out 0.51 g of crushed magnesium and placing them into a 50 mL round bottom flask equipped with a stir bar. In order to ensure the success of the experiment, the lab staff heated all the equipment in an oven to ensure that the entire apparatus was DRY (important because if moisture had been present in the experiment the reaction would not have proceeded in our desired path and we would one would have ended up with a sample of burnt prod. However, fortunately this was not the case). 5.0 mL of anhydrous dimethyl ether was added to the round bottom flask through the separatory funnel, which had the stopcock closed, as indicated by the manual. A solution of 2.4 mL bromobenzene and 5.0 mL of anhydrous diethyl ether was made in an Erlenmeyer flask. Once stirred, the solution was transferred to the separatory funnel and added in 0.5 mL portions. My partner informed me that he observed bubbling in the solution but that this was not indicative of a reaction occurring but, rather result of being
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Lab 7 Gringard lab - Lab Report 7 Preparation and Reactions...

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