Aldol Condensation Synthesis of trans-p-Anisalacetophenone

Aldol Condensation Synthesis of trans-p-Anisalacetophenone...

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Lab 10: Aldol Condensation: Synthesis of trans-p- Anisalacetophenone Introduction: The purpose of this experiment is to understand and properly execute the synthesis of an α, β unsaturated carbonyl compound by a crossed aldol condensation. Main Reaction:
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Procedure: As we began today’s experiment we obtained 1.0 ml of p- Anisaldehyde and mixed it with 1.0 ml of acetophenone in a test tube, and then to this solution we added 3.00 mL of 96% ethanol solution. We stirred the contents of the test tube to dissolve the reactants. This mixture results in the formation of an aldol in which the acetophenone and the p- Anisaldehyde reacted with each other rather than with themselves due to their structures, which allow for better interaction. We then transferred 5 drops of 50% sodium hydroxide into the ethanol solution. We observed that the solution turned a yellowish color. When the formed aldol dehydrates interacted with the Na+ and OH- ions, water was cleaved out and a system of extended conjugation was manifest by the formation of an aromatic ring with a carbonyl group attached to it, which serves as our condensation product of trans-p- Anisalacetophenone. In order to ensure its formation, we vigorously
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Aldol Condensation Synthesis of trans-p-Anisalacetophenone...

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